Everyone is different. To make your ALNO kitchen a relaxed and comfortable working environment, it should be designed precisely according to your personal requirements.
Getting the right working height is an important part of the design process. It must be adjusted to your body size. ALNO makes this possible with four different standard plinth heights and a variety of unit heights. Different heights within a run of units make ergonomic sense. The ALNO base units are based on a 13 cm modular system and are available in five module heights for the lowered cooking area and in six module heights for food preparation and washing up. The ideal niche height is 48 cm.

Is it important to you to have short work surfaces and therefore only short distances between work zones? If so, the best place for the dishwasher is next to the unit where you keep your crockery. Electrical appliances built in at a higher level make things easy on your back, and the storage space should be comfortable to use as well: Drawers and pull-outs in base units that can be pulled out fully provide easy access to the furthest corner of the units. Wall units with folding, lifting and flap doors mean that there is nothing in the way of your head even when they are open.