What do you want your new kitchen to look like, and what do you need it to do? We want to give you our planning tips to help you with your ideas.

Modern kitchen design is individual, unconventional and simple with ALNO. With full creative freedom, in addition to room dimensions, windows, doors, electricity and waterconnections, there are also a few other basic things to consider in your plans. The most important thing is how you arrange the central work areas in the kitchen - washing up, cooking and refrigeration. The established principles are: one or two runs of units are extremely beneficial in a small space. L- and U-shaped kitchens work well in any size space. Island kitchens are ideal for large, open-plan spaces.

Design your very own individual kitchen. Simply, quickly and comfortably. The checklist and the plan with grid lines will assist you in the first stages of your design. And when you need more detailed planning for your dream kitchen with a unique, realistic 3-D visualisation of the room, our interactive kitchen planner, is available to you.

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Planning tips

• One, two steps to the side, a turn - that should usually be enough. Short distances to move between the work areas (see diagram) save a lot of time.
• Whatever you need is quickly to hand in the niche system or niche units.


• You need to be able to see what you are doing on the work surface, so incorporate niche lighting.

Storage space

• You need enough storage space. So don’t waste any space. Use corners, the area under the sink and plinth drawers.
• Extra-deep, extra-high or extra-wide units create additional space.
• Think about functional interiors. If the interior is tidy, you can fit more in.

Base units

• No need for base units with carousel doors. Drawers and pull outs are the ergonomic alternative which will save all that awkward bending.
• Full pull outs can be pulled out all the way so that you get a clear view of all the contents and you can access them easily.
• Choose corner base units with carousel shelves or swivelmounted shelves, so that you don’t have to stretch to reach into the furthest corner.

Wall units
• Make sure you have plenty of room to move, especially in small kitchens. Roller shutter units and wall units with flap, lifting or folding doors can be opened in a space saving manner and ensure that there is sufficient headroom.

Tall units

• Units with pull outs or internal pull outs are also more ergonomic here. Walk-in tall units are an alternative.

Electrical appliances

• Don’t make life in the kitchen any harder than it already is. Fridge, microwave, oven and dishwasher can easily be installed at a higher level.
• Have you thought of everything? Extractor hood, freezer, hob…?


• If you are designing a kitchen along one wall, you can bring life and simplicity to a run of units with shelves and by combining different unit heights and depths.
• Neutral glass units or LIBERO feature furniture create variety and transparency.
• With mobile and flexible units, for example base units on wheels or a cooking table, you can change the layout of the room at any time.
• Stylish shelf systems and individual shelves are ideal for open-plan room designs. They create a seamless transition between the kitchen and the living room.